Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Lantern: First Flight

Considering I haven't had money to buy comics lately, and I've come into possession of some DC Animated movies, I'll be doing some reviews of them. First one is:

Movie Review: Green Lantern: First Flight

This film is one in a long line of DC animated products, started by Bruce Timm back in the 90's with Batman The Animated Series. After Justice League Unlimited ended, they instead began adapting specific storylines and characters to the screen, using different styles and directors. This specific movie being about Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern, who's going to be played by Ryan Reynolds in an upcoming live-action flick.

The movie starts out with Hal Jordan, our test pilot main character, who is suddenly whisked away by a dying alien named Abin Sur, who gives him a super powered green ring, and that Hal will be contacted by the Guardians, leaders of the Green Lantern Corps. Not shortly afterwards, other members of the Corps come to bring him to their planet, Oa. The Guardians don't like him because he's a human, so of course he must be bad. However, one of the senior members Sinestro, offers to train him. Sinestro is investigating the murder of Abin Sur, so he brings Hal along. The man responsible is Kanjar Ro, an alien trying to create a weapon to wipe out the Guardians. Sinestro shows some discontent with the Guardians, and kills a suspect before he can be interrogated. As suspected with a guy named Sinestro, he's actually evil, and working with Kanjar Ro to get a yellow power battery, the only weakness of the Green Lanterns. He murders Kanjar Ro, frames Hal, kicks Hal out of the Corps, gets himself an ultimate yellow power, with a ring and a giant cannon/battery, and proceeds to destroy Oa. As the Green Lanterns get their asses kicked, Sinestro blasts the Green Battery, the source of their power. As all the Green Lanterns that were in space die, Hal puts on a ring, and goes to the deactivated battery. Like all problems, he fixes the battery by punching it until it works. As the only active Green Lantern, him and Sinestro start fighting, there's an epic space battle, and eventually Hal wins. He's a hero and everyone cheers.

The characters are all very good, especially Hal and Sinestro. The writing was one of the best parts, with Hal actually saying realistic things when weird shit happens to him, like his first words when encountered by crazy aliens is "What the hell?" Thing is, there's hardly any spoilers with this movie, because, well, do you expect a red-skinned guy named Sinestro to be a good guy? One thing I noticed was the alien designs, and although there were a few humans plus blank aliens, there were a whole lot which looked very alien.

At any rate, this was a very good adaptation of Green Lantern. If you're a comic fan, DC cartoon fan, or just a fan of Sci-Fi, I'd recommend it.

Oh, and this.

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