Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Randomness

Hey everybody. This isn't really a review on something specific, just a few things I want to talk about.

First, the Green Lantern trailer.

See, when you see this, you see something new and exciting! I keep comparing it to this fan-trailer on youtube.

I... I can't help it! I want Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern so bad! Plus, Nathan seems like he would have been a more serious, Get-The-Job-Done GL. Ryan Reynolds on the other hand... They turned him into Tony Stark, only he flies planes instead of making missiles. Along with that, I don't like the design of the costume, what with how it looks like green muscle fibers all over his body. It kinda creeps me out, like it strips off his skin rather than adding a layer to it.

My second bit of unrelated doohicky nonsense is Spider-Girl. Now, the old series, starring May Parker in an alternate future where Peter and MJ had kids, was cancelled, presumably to make way for this new series. Now, I really liked the old series, especially since it was the last remaining shard of the pre-One More Day continuity. The new series stars a heroine who was originally called AraƱa, a girl who got spider powers because I don't really know. That doesn't really matter now because her powers were taken away in the last part of the Grim Hunt storyline in ASM, but since she had SHIELD training at one point, she's decided to take on the Spider-Girl mantle, using Arachne's old costume, after she gained Madame Web's powers and took on that persona.

There was a short preview for her series at the end of ASM #468, and there's something interesting about it. Whereas Spider-Man has little text-boxes showing his thoughts, Spider-Girl's look more like twitter posts. Because they are twitter posts. Spider-Girl has an active twitter feed that updates with random tweets one would expect from a teenage superhero. The thing that makes this different is that she follows anyone who follows her, and will almost definitely reply if you send a tweet her way. I admit, I fanboyed out a few times when she replied to me before. Of course, now I know that the writer of the comics writes the twitter posts, the magic is gone. It was a good fantasy, but it has ended.

Thirdly, Harry Potter. I used to be all into the books and stuff back in like, early high school, when nobody else cared. Now that I'm a college that's apparently full of nerds who love the Potts, I don't really care about HP anymore. It's a bit depressing actually. I say this because part one of Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series, recently came out, and a lot of people I know went to the midnight showing. Sheesh, I get the feeling 3 years from now the whole world's gonna get into H.P. Lovecraft as soon as I don't care.

And that's the end of this random rant! Until next time, this is the W Defender!


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