Monday, January 24, 2011

New Spider-Man Suit

Hey everybody, I know on the blog I haven't said much about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, but that's mostly because there hasn't been much out there, save for casting of Peter Parker and Mary Jane and whatnot. Recently though, they've released a picture of the new costume, and I think it's time I shared my thoughts.

Now, on the bright side, it looks like it was actually made by a high school student, so it's more realistic. Unfortunately, it looks like it was made by a high school student. Now, there's no overt web-pattern on the red parts, just seams in the fabric which sort of allude to a web pattern. There's some blue on the gloves where typically the gloves are exclusively red. One thing that I find a bit strange is the lack of a belt. I mean, if they plan on giving him web-shooters like I heard, then the belt would be the place to have his extra web cartridges and whatnot. Plus, if there's no belt, there's no Spider-Signal. And I love the Spider-Signal.

The spider on his chest is bigger than the previous movie, but seems to keep the same basic design. I thought they might go for a more rounded look as per the earlier comics, but I don't suppose it matters.

So far: I like the suit. It's different than the traditional Spider-Man suit, and the one we've seen in the previous series. I can't make a definitive judgment until I've seen the mask, because that's the clincher. Once they release pictures of that, you can bet you'll hear about it from me. So until next time, this is the W Defender.

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