Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Comics Bought

I went over to the comic shop today, and picked up a few comics. I'll give my initial impressions of them, with one or two full-scale reviews to follow.

1. Amazing Spider-Man 596: Just about par for the course, considering the last three issues I've read. Not really good. At all.

2. The Sinister Spider-Man 1: Meaning it's actually Mac Gargan Venom, posing as Spider-Man. He eats people, and kills prostitutes. That is definitely what I want to be reading.

3. Dark Avengers 6: Pretty good, just about the same as the previous issues, still gives me hope for Marvel comics as a whole.
So yeah, I'll likely post reviews for the Amazing Spider-Man, and the Dark Avengers one. If I can think of anything else to post to give a little break from the comics, I will do so. Until next time, farewell.

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