Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spider-Man in Civil War

So I recently saw Captain America: Civil War, and I could do my usual review thingy, but I know you don't want that. What you really want is my detailed analysis on Spider-Man as he appeared in the film, and subsequently how he'll be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don't worry man, I got you. (Mild spoilers, I guess.)

He was introduced to the movie right before the big battle scene, and he clearly stole the show. Every time he was shown onscreen, it was either something dynamic and interesting to see with his powers, or easily the funniest line in the movie. He even-- Wait, wait, no. That wasn't Spider-Man, that was Ant Man.

Spider-Man was just kinda there.

Yeah, it was kind of cool that Spider-Man was finally a part of the cinematic universe, but he didn't really do a whole lot. His jokes were okay, and he used a lot of webs, so I guess that's fine. The problem is, I forgot he existed every time Ant Man was onscreen, and I hadn't even seen the Ant Man movie yet!

I guess the problem is, Spider-Man was just Iron Man's lackey. Tony orders him in, he fights a bit, Tony calls him off. I suppose I was expecting a defection towards Cap's side or something, a la original Civil War. It doesn't help that he only fought because Iron Man essentially blackmailed him into it. Especially with recent news that Robert Downey Jr. is going to appear in Spider-Man's next live action film, I'm not too sure I like where that's going.

That said, it's not as if there was nothing to like. The costume design wasn't bad, though it certainly wasn't as interesting to look at as the first Amazing Spider-Man one. I like the dilating eyes, which they explained by Peter having some sort of super-senses. I think that might mean he doesn't have a spider-sense, like Spider-Man 2099. It's not completely ruled out, and I'm still hoping for a Spider-Man movie with actual spider-sense. They went with mechanical webshooters like Amazing Spider-Man, and I'm one of those people who was kind of creeped out by the organic ones, so that's good.

I'm still undecided on Tom Holland, the new actor for Peter Parker. He didn't do a bad job here, there just wasn't a whole lot of him. Aunt May was disconcertingly hot, which I guess the filmmakers realized because they had Iron Man comment on it.

So currently, I don't see anything that foretells ruin on the horizon for Spider-Man's solo movie, but we really don't have much to go on. It could go either way. In any case, I'm more eagerly anticipating the animated Spider-Man one written by the guys that made Lego Movie. Yeah, it's happening!

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